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"Productivity soared, money was saved from day one and CORONA more than paid for itself"
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Linear Construction Sites

"Productivity soared, money was saved from day one and CORONA more than paid for itself"


A privately owned, internationally focused enterprise which offers the full range of engineering, construction and asset management services delivering single-source solutions to some of the world's most prestigious public and private organisations.

Business Challenge

The linear construction sites that appear when building, expanding or maintaining roads, railways or even pipes are notoriously expensive to run because they only have one or two gates in the security fence. Widening the A453 was no exception – this highways construction site was twenty miles long with only one access gate for the ten gangs working on it.

Staff completed daily paper timesheets as they arrived on site and travelled to their point of work within the twenty-mile stretch. This meant that nobody knew exactly who was on site and when they started work until the paperwork was returned, manually entered into a computer and analysed. There was also no incentive for workmen to hurry to their point of work each day.

The scale of this highways construction site meant that the daily cost of employment was high compared to the amount of work being completed, and HSE standards were compromised by the lack of accurate real-time information.


Having proved itself elsewhere (by reducing costs by £440,000 on a pilot project and dramatically improving health and safety practices on other highway projects), CORONA – an award- winning, real-time mobile workflow management system – was deployed.

It replaced and automated a large amount of onsite paperwork, including timesheets. Each gang member clocked in on reaching the part of the road on which they were working, rather than when they walked through the gate. CORONA's inbuilt GPS system meant that each person could be tracked in real-time, which gave site managers the ability to generate reports at the touch of a button – which included instantly reporting on who was on site and at their place of work.


The money saved by increasing productivity and reducing staff overheads caused by travel, more than paid for deploying CORONA to each gang member, and also improved HR management and HSE standards.

Rather than having a daily ‘grey area' in terms of when and where each member of staff started work, CORONA provided accurate and clear information, which helped to avoid misunderstandings and incentivise staff.

After capturing timesheet data, CORONA converted it into daily cost reports. This provided accurate and real-time financial management information which supported the project's profitability. The senior management team were so impressed, they also adopted CORONA to improve new development and HSE auditing.

Business Benefits

  • Productivity for each man day for each gang member increased
  • Rapid return-on-investment
  • Lowered the overall running costs of the project
  • Incentivised staff to maximise their productivity
  • Accurate and clear real-time HR management reporting at the touch of a button
  • Improved health and safety standards
  • Improved HR management
  • Prevented clocking-in misunderstandings
  • Eliminated paperwork and automated admin processes
  • Increased profitability through accurate, real-time cost reporting
  • Functionality levels that can be applied companywide, to increase profitability.

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