IT Consolidation

Lightsout Computer Services provides the IT consolidation expertise to restructure, simplify and optimise your existing computer systems, including its mobile devices, to reduce running costs by eliminating redundant technology.
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IT Consolidation

It is just like servicing an aeroplane in mid flight

IT consolidation becomes an attractive option or absolutely necessary when companies face:

  • relocation
  • restructuring and refocusing to align resources to meet changing needs
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • server sprawl
  • the need to improve quality of service
  • cost cutting
  • scalability restrictions
  • high administrator overheads
  • physical space restrictions.

These changes are akin to servicing an aeroplane whilst in mid flight. The changes that will ultimately enable you to do more with less through IT consolidation, need to take place without impacting service quality or availability.

Lightsout Computer Services provides the IT consolidation expertise to carry organisations through such changes. Their experienced consultants enable you to simplify, standardise and reduce redundant hardware and software. Common results include:

  • dramatically reduced costs
  • substantial improvements in performance and reliability
  • a streamlined operation with optimal resource utilisation
  • contract and service level agreement improvements
  • increased storage capacity
  • reduced hardware footprint and peripheral sprawl
  • improved back-up and disaster recovery routines.

Taking a DIY approach to making such substantial but necessary changes is a well-known false economy. Few directors are keen to include contingency funds, to cover errors of those with little or none of the appropriate IT consolidation experience, in their budgets for delivering improvement. If things go wrong, the business disruption and commercial slowdown will impact the return-on-investment in the original business case and accompanying plans.

For these reasons, Lightsout Computer Services has IT consolidation specialists who are frequently asked to plan and implement changes to business-critical systems. Their safe hands enable businesses to optimise their performance without the challenges of show-stopping risks.


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