Disaster Recovery

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) estimated that the UK economy is losing £11.1 billion a year, to major disruptions, due to lack of disaster recovery
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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery that Secures Business Continuity

Disaster recovery (DR) for SMEs has become essential for business continuity. Although the physical risks (e.g. fire and flooding) that trigger DR regimes will always remain, today there are a host of other risks, including malicious activity by criminals or staff, prolonged power cuts, hardware damage, human error and accidents.

Reasons to update your DR plan

Would you know if your DR plan was out of date? Also, if you have a DR plan, is the person responsible for it still on call if needed? If not, are you certain that you have the knowledge at hand to execute the plan and have your business systems up and running within minutes or hours?

Are you aware that, in Windows 365, emails aren't backed up in the cloud?

Why choose Lightsout for DR?

  • We own and manage our own UK data centre and are entirely responsible for its security
  • Our data centre isn't shared with other organisations
  • You can call us and get an immediate response, with action from an expert
  • We don't rely on third parties
  • We have been delivering DR and business continuity services since 1993
  • Our co-founder was one of the first people in the UK to be trained in DR
  • We have a history of providing enterprise-class performance and resilience levels to organisations of all sizes
  • It's our mission to provide a cutting-edge service
  • We minimise disruption to your business
  • Your staff can work from anywhere, as soon as they're ready

Delivering value so DR isn't just a 'what if' cost

Lightsout's DR for business continuity solutions can help prepare your organisation for modernising its IT infrastructure and reduce the cost of change. It often makes the step between moving from an on-site IT infrastructure to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or a hosted infrastructure much smaller, - although we don't believe that IaaS suits all organisations, so we advise each organisation accordingly.

Recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs)

Cloud-based DR is only one approach to business continuity. Unlike other companies, Lightsout offers all conceivable forms of DR solution so your organisation isn't railroaded into something that doesn't quite work. Our consultants' expertise and honesty is why most of our customers remain with us for the long term.

For example, for a business that generates a high volume of data, retrieving the contents of a server from the cloud can take too long if you don't have enormous bandwidth. The cost of a delay is quite staggering for a business with a high level of system activity, especially online transactions.

Lightsout focuses on thorough recovery in a short time. We often deliver different DR solutions for different organisations - because each company's operations are unique.


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