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"The efficiency gains were immediate, saving thousands of pounds within the first month of use."
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Lightsout Computer Services Helpdesk Workflow Management Software

"The efficiency gains were immediate, saving thousands of pounds within the first month of use."


Lightsout Computer Services delivers IT support to customers which range from large corporations to SMEs. It’s won many awards for innovation, and its operations grew from one to six offices throughout the UK within the space of three years.

Business Challenge

From the outset the directors who co-founded Lightsout wanted to provide the same high-quality service to all customers regardless of their size. This meant providing the skills enjoyed by large organisations to small companies in which such expertise had previously been out of reach.

As the company followed a rapid growth curve, it became evident that it needed something more than what the existing helpdesk software market offered. Allocating the growing volume of incoming calls to engineers with various specialisms across six sites would soon be too much to administer manually.


Lightsout Computer Services adopted CORONA, a workflow management system with a helpdesk software module. It had won numerous awards in many other industries.

Although its helpdesk module is just a tiny part of CORONA’s overall functionality, there were many immediate advantages which could not all be found in other helpdesk software products on the market.

Some of the aspects which immediately increased efficiency included:

  • A high degree of practical functionality
  • Extreme flexibility so functionality can easily be tailored to precisely meet business needs
  • Infinite scalability
  • Complete control of the information that is made available to different types of users
  • The ability to restrict or increase the actions that can be taken by each employee
  • Instant access to real-time management information
  • The ability to change the tasks and priorities of each employee
  • Total information on each employee, e.g. where they’re based, who’s in their team, their schedules, existing workload, shift patterns, remaining holiday allowance, days off sick, training opportunities, real-time performance rating and any restrictions on the decisions they’re allowed to make or the actions they’re able to take
  • Information on the contacts within each customer organisation (e.g. a CEO of a large organisation) and who should serve them
  • All data displays, prioritisation flags, progress reports and the way in which various tasks are divided were entirely configurable by the Operations Director
  • The history of each customer organisation (including payment history), its employees and individual pieces of equipment – this often flags trends
  • Automated monitoring of tasks and response times against SLAs (Service Level Agreements) at 15-minute intervals
  • A searchable knowledge base that automatically grows according to helpdesk activity. It also helps to identify trends in areas of weaker technology and can be linked to automatically updated online manuals.


"CORONA’s helpdesk module makes it impossible for any of our operatives to unknowingly exceed designated response times. When customers log calls through our web portal they’re fed straight into CORONA’s call management system where they’re prioritised.

"From a call management point of view, CORONA eliminates the risk of allocating tasks to somebody who’s off sick, on holiday or allocated to another project. It automatically cross-references engineer schedules.

"No other helpdesk system that I’m aware of does this. The efficiency gains were immediate, saving thousands of pounds within the first month of use.

"CORONA’s thorough monitoring of each task highlights the best engineers and provides a real-time indication of cash flow for those on dynamic contracts.

"It has eliminated the need for pure scheduling roles, which has saved a large amount of money. Other roles have been deskilled through automation which has also helped reduce costs while increasing efficiency,” explained Richard O’Malley, Manager of the Helpdesk team at Lightsout Computer Services.

Business Benefits

  • Reduces overheads
  • Reduces business risk
  • Eliminates certain manual tasks and deskills others
  • Shortens procedures, increasing speed of service
  • Reduces human error
  • Improves service quality
  • Provides real-time management information
  • Increases capacity without increasing headcount
  • Enhancements are automatically available, free of charge
  • Flexible enough to be tailored to many different types of call types
  • Can be easily linked to other modules for other business functions.

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