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"Lightsout explain things simply and clearly, which makes them a pleasure to work with".
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KRW Accountants

"Lightsout explain things simply and clearly, which makes them a pleasure to work with."


KRW Accountants are a firm of chartered accountants, chartered tax advisers and registered auditors in Northamptonshire which grew from three to seven staff in just four years. They provide a valued and friendly service and strive to maintain their position at the forefront of the profession by remaining adaptable, and abreast of financial market developments.

Maintaining connectivity and regular data back-ups is crucial. Any downtime dramatically reduces information availability, to the detriment of the company and its clients.

Business Challenge

Due to rapid growth and recruitment, new computers were constantly being added to the network and customer data volume soon outgrew its back-up system. KRW Accountants urgently needed the technical expertise to future-proof their IT infrastructure.

The issues that the business had experienced when using other IT suppliers included:

  • Having to repeat work when several weeks of updated files were lost due to a system failure.
  • Other IT support services tended to be too reactive - waiting for a malfunction to impact on productivity before resolving it, rather than proactively preventing issues from occurring.
  • As the business grew, those within KRW Accountants lost confidence in their previous IT support provision.


KRW Accountants approached Lightsout for IT support . An engineer visited the site and audited the existing IT infrastructure, free of charge:

"He told us we were outgrowing the capacity of our server and back-up system. We would not have known this until something had gone wrong if Lightsout had not informed us," said Alex Beattie, Account Manager at KRW Accountants.

Lightout quickly installed a robust data-mirroring system to prevent information from being lost in the future.

"Unlike others we've come across, if you need a new piece of technology, Lightsout don't try and squeeze every penny out of you. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

"The remote IT support system means they are always watching over our technology. For example, I was out of the office one Friday and they called my mobile to say that one of my employees had forgotten to run a back-up on an external hard drive the previous evening. I feel reassured to know they prevent things from going wrong rather than simply fixing issues when they impact on our productivity or service quality," commented Keith Witchell, Director and founder of KRW Accountants.

"Lightsout go above and beyond the call of duty, and I don't need to worry about our technology. Everyone in the company is confident that everything is in hand and that Lightsout will prevent malfunctions.

"Lightsout explain things simply and clearly, which makes them a pleasure to work with. They are always friendly and professional. We look forward to seeing them when they come on site," concluded Alex.


  • Back-up system reliability has improved by more than 100%, dramatically reducing the risk of data loss.
  • Proactive support increases client productivity and reduces distraction by preventing issues from arising.
  • Rapid return on investment in IT support by reduced business disruption - Lightsout solves more than 80% of IT issues remotely.
  • Senior management have confidence in their IT infrastructure.
  • Clearly communicated information means that non-technical members of staff understand recommendations from their Lightsout Account Manager.

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