Lightsout IT and software services for National Federation of Builders

"The handover from the previous supplier to Lightsout was brilliant and the new service is excellent... I am confident that if any issues arise, the Lightsout technical specialists will resolve them within extremely short timeframes."
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National Federation of Builders

"Lightsout are spot on in terms of company priorities; customer service comes first."


The National Federation of Builders (NFB) represents the interests of 1,700 SMEs in the construction industry. It provides services and advice in employment, law, taxation, health and safety, the environment and technical issues. It has 36 employees, divided over nine sites across the UK.

Business Challenge

The NFB’s IT service agreement was up for renewal and an NFB Regional Director recommended Lightsout Computer Services. The tender invited potential suppliers to tell NFB how they would meet the following business needs which were centred around the server network:

  • IT users were frustrated by extremely slow service speeds
  • Host, manage and maintain servers
  • Resolve existing faults and enhance infrastructure to ensure a 99.5% service availability for MS Windows applications, internet access and printer drivers
  • Monitor and advise on capacity and performance
  • Propose a service credits scheme for any failure to meet agreed availability requirements
  • Secure all networks, using the NFB’s existing software licences where possible
  • Install additional limited-access software
  • Migrate software from local machines to a central server where appropriate
  • Take responsibility for the safety of all data held on existing servers and provide a disaster recovery and daily back-up service
  • Recommend and install IT communications including office connectivity and VPN access for laptops used by remote workers
  • Reconfigure existing hardware
  • Migrate all IT and data from the previous service provider
  • Maintain existing office-based hardware and software
  • Provide a helpdesk for NFB employees and a dedicated service delivery manager for all non-helpdesk-related queries
  • Generate monthly reports identifying staff training requirements and monitoring company IT policy compliance
  • Propose a new IP telephony system which could also accommodate email and video conferencing

"Lightsout paid close attention to our business needs which needed to be fully addressed from the outset. Their expertise was outstanding; they immediately knew that they could solve our problems and meet business demands. They were extremely helpful and their hands on experience was incredibly reassuring," explained Helen Pinder, Business Information Manager of NFB.


Lightsout Computer Services provided a fully hosted system and installed a new, high-speed broadband network in each office. Now only the broadband links, laptops, desktops and printers sit in NFB offices. Everything else is housed and proactively managed within the Lightsout data centre which means all the NFB requirements are cost-effectively met and expectations often exceeded.

Some of NFB’s business requirements were met by default. For example, the data centre’s security, back-up systems and disaster recovery procedures are of such a high standard that they are not normally affordable in-house. Lightsout spreads the cost of the facilities between its system hosting customers, to an extent where it often reduces annual costs through economies of scale.


"The handover from the previous supplier to Lightsout was brilliant and the new service is excellent. We also needed new hardware and, as we have a service contract with Lightsout, their prices are very competitive. There is never any pressure to source these solutions from Lightsout however their efficiency and delivery combined with price make the decision an easy one.

"Their technical support team are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I am confident that if any issues arise, the Lightsout technical specialists will resolve them within extremely short timeframes. Even our photocopier engineer commented on how impressed he was with them and how they really know what they are doing. The Lightsout support team are fantastic – I cannot emphasise this enough," said Helen.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced annual costs by 10%
  • Excellent value
  • Service quality substantially improved
  • Raised staff morale
  • Increased service speed has boosted productivity
  • Provide confidence to the management team that its IT needs are being fully met and expertly provided

"Lightsout are spot on in terms of company priorities; customer service comes first. We are really happy with them," concluded Helen.


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