Lightsout IT and software services for Scottsdale Consulting

"Moving to Lightsout IT support has reduced our support costs by approximately 10-15% and has also increased service quality"
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Scottsdale Consulting

"Moving to Lightsout IT support has reduced our support costs by approximately 10–15% and has also increased service quality."


Scottsdale Consulting is one of its region’s most established and largest Independent Financial Advice (IFA) companies. It has offices in both London and Milton Keynes and follows an aggressive but successful growth plan, which included launching an innovative sister company called Life Protect 4U with national coverage.

Business Challenge

In the past, Scottsdale used an IT support company in Kettering to maintain its HP server, back-up power and data systems, LAN, Wi-Fi, various laptops and other mobile devices. Unfortunately, the quality of service sometimes fell short of expectations, and the agreement was not flexible enough to support a modern growing business. For example, Scottsdale was bound by contract to have an engineer on-site for one day a month. Sometimes there was too much work for an IT engineer to complete in a day, and at others there was not enough.

In addition, some engineers had a tendency to rush tasks and not fully resolve faults or issues before leaving.


A few months before its IT support agreement came up for renewal, Mike Wilson, a director at Scottsdale Consulting, invited Lightsout Computer Services to quote for the business. He explained:

"Tim from Lightsout Computer Services invested a substantial amount of time auditing our system and checking it for weaknesses. As a result, rather than receiving a generic quote, the proposal was detailed and entirely tailored to our situation. Lightsout also came up with the best deal.

"Lightsout's people and the proposal provided gave us the impression of quality that we were searching for. As a rapidly growing organisation, we needed a supplier that the board believed would deliver on its promises."

Lightsout provided a cost-effective, flexible package which included remote support, and on-site support for ten days a year.


"Moving to Lightsout IT support has reduced our IT support costs by approximately 10–15% and has also increased service quality.

"“The flexibility within this contract is excellent. For example, when we buy a new machine, Lightsout sends an engineer to our office to configure it and we also give them a list of minor improvements and enhancements to complete elsewhere in the company. Lightsout’s IT support enables us to gain maximum value from its engineers’ technical expertise because we don’t have to use fixed blocks of an expert’s time each month.

"We have a lot of confidence in Lightsout’s engineers when they come on-site. They are more meticulous than those from other suppliers, and tend to get things right first time. Lightsout is a step up in terms of the quality of its technical engineers," commented Mike.

Business Benefits

  • 10–15% reduction in IT running costs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved service quality
  • Engineers working to a ‘right first time’ ethos
  • Delivered renewed confidence in IT support to staff


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