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When applied to a large-scale project at Severn Trent Water, CORONA became recognised as a company-wide example of best practice.
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HSE for Severn Trent Water Project

"We value the people we work with, and ensure that everyone returns home safely, every day."


CORONA was adopted by a large, privately owned international engineering enterprise with world-class capabilities. Although it was initially used as a mobile workflow management system, which saved £440,000 in its first year of use, the company soon harnessed its health and safety ability. When applied to a large-scale project at Severn Trent Water, CORONA became recognised as a company-wide example of best practice..

Business Challenge

In 2011 the company’s HSE performance flat-lined. This result was unacceptable, since eliminating all accidents resulting in the loss of one or more shifts by 2015 and eliminating all severe accidents by 2020 were corporate goals.

In order to achieve this, in practice, the accident book would have to show only one entry and no lost time for every million hours worked. This ambition applied to the entire workforce regardless of whether they were on a construction site or in an office.

Prior to using CORONA for HSE, workforce safety was supervised by managers. However, in the case of Severn Trent Water, this meant covering long and short-term construction sites on busy highways, throughout 4,300 square miles, involving 250 operatives.


The Severn Trent Project Leader had to rethink his operation – he replaced standard practice with CORONA so the workforce could manage their own HSE performance unsupervised.

With assistance from the innovative creators of CORONA, Lightsout Computer Services, the new and innovative HSE module was tailored to match Severn Trent Water’s project requirements. This new technology ensured two-way communication and automated audit reports, which empowered the workforce to contribute to corporate health and safety goals.


As the Severn Trent Water framework project team reached one million man hours without a single RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995), it attracted senior management attention.

"Connected to the central CORONA system, DABs, supervisor audits and hazard and near-miss reporting are just a few of the functions managed through this technology. Due to the geographic spread of the work, the previous paper versions of these would often take days to get back to the office, whereas the electronic version comes back within seconds. This allows us to react to and resolve potential issues far quicker.

"The audit function has allowed us to replicate the client’s own audit that they carry out on our works. We’ve deployed this to our own team which has proved crucial in allowing us to identify potential failings first, meaning that we’re always one step ahead of the game,” commented the Severn Trent Water Project Leader.

Business Benefits

  • Achieved zero RIDDOR reports in the first million man hours
  • Reduced the time required to produce HSE reports from days to seconds
  • Lowered running costs
  • Released management time
  • Empowered workforce to play a role in meeting ambitious corporate goals
  • Dramatically reduced health and safety related risks.

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