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Growing a small business is just like building a castle: computers and your core infrastructure evolve over a long period of time.
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Solution Factors

Growing a small business is just like building a castle: computers and your core infrastructure evolve over a long period of time.


Solution Factors is a PR and marketing agency that delivers services to businesses in the UK and overseas. Maintaining connectivity and a fully functioning IT system is essential in immediately responding to media requests and meeting copy deadlines. Any downtime impacts the company’s ability to operate and its revenue stream.

"Once we had a server in place supporting our castle of computers through local IT, consultants became costly and inefficient," explained Rachael, owner of Solution Factors.

Business Challenge

Solution Factors’ IT infrastructure had evolved into a small but convoluted system based on a server and three workstations.

The issues the business had experienced in using sole trader IT suppliers included:

  • IT consultants losing interest in their business and taking on full-time roles
  • Some would quietly go out of business without informing their customers
  • Unavailability during busy periods or holidays
  • Lack of procedures and accountability, which resulted in incomplete tasks and errors
  • Having to leave for domestic reasons before an IT issue had been resolved
  • Telephone support without the safeguard of service level agreements
  • The absence of true remote support led to excessive onsite visits and disruption
  • Breadth of expertise was restricted to the individual’s own experience – they didn’t have a colleague to call when they were uncertain about how to resolve an issue
  • Misdiagnosis leading to unnecessary spend.

Although sole trader IT services suit small businesses working from individual PCs and laptops, they could not efficiently resolve issues concerning business-critical servers and larger systems.


Solution Factors took out a remote support contract with Lightsout Computer Services. "Although technology is vital to the business, I didn't think we were large enough to warrant an IT support contract which normally cost several hundred pounds a month. I was wrong. Lightsout reduced the cost of our general IT support previously provided by local sole traders by 20%.

"When we had an emergency outage due to a manufacturing fault which led to a server hardware failure, Lightsout were on the road heading to our office within an hour. What's more, they didn't leave at 5pm; instead, they worked into the evening until we were up and running again.

"Now we never have the gamble of leaving a support request on a voicemail during office hours. When we call the support line we go straight through to their helpdesk and receive emailed progress reports on what's being tested, the findings and the fix," commented Rachael.

The customer service team link to the skilled tradesmen out in the field via BlackBerry® so scheduling and project details can be updated and made available in real time to achieve smooth transition between each job.


  • 20% reduction in general IT support – lower fixed remote support costs
  • Lower hourly rate for onsite emergency and scheduled support compared to other suppliers
  • Reduced downtime and improved business continuity
  • Reduced disruption – 80% of IT issues are resolved remotely
  • Solution Factors staff are free to attend meetings elsewhere while fixes are delivered remotely
  • Access to wider skills and expertise – Lightsout technicians can consult their colleagues if they require assistance
  • Detailed technical records enable Lightsout IT support staff to quickly understand how individual systems are set up
  • Reliable access to technical expertise.

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